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Maximilian Press is proud to announce the release
of the following NEW BOOKS


The Gift of Words

by Carolyn McKie
Illustrated by Niche Bagby

A Day at the Beach

Water, water everywhere---The majestic power, Surreal waves
Looking out over a clear view for miles and miles, Dolphins and sea gulls. An early morning, early risers walking and collecting sea shells.
A day at the beach, A day with God, A day of thinking and reflecting

and Praising God.
clear

The Road Taken A Memoir of Love and Revolution

by Magdolna Lakatos

Steve and I are sitting next to each other at the table in our library with an open photo album before us. Looking at the pictures, we talk in hushed tones about our childhoods in Hungary, the horrors we lived through during World War II, our high school and college years, the Communist regime, and the 1956 Revolution. So many stories; so many events—memories from two pasts come alive as we turn the album’s pages.

clear


Divorce vs. Covenant Marriage

by Pastor Julius La Rosa Green

The dedication of this book is addressed to couples worldwide that they may conjointly explore the actual meaning of marriage underneath grace and truth. I pray that God provides a course of action for you who read this book and store the knowledge of it.

clear
eddie and me

Eddie and Me
A Story of Two Teens

by Ken Ablatt

Here's a story about what Eddie and me got time to do this summer. We didn’t start taking jobs ‘til late summer and now school has taken up. That keeps us some busy, except on weekends, and on weekends we don’t plan to be busy doing work.

If things go right next summer, Eddie and me are going to get ourselves organized as regular businessmen and put out our resume on what we’ve done before and what we are willing to do now. Then, when we get some saved up we’ll retire for the year and go spend what we made.

clear

presents DID YOU KNOW...?

Inspirational Poetry by Brenda H. Basley

This particular collection is called, Did You Know...?
A collection of poems dealing with various issues associated with addiction. If you are already enrolled in a substance dependency program, just know that with God as your higher power, you will have the strength to succeed. If you are not in a program and find yourself struggling with your addiction...

clear

Straight From a Poet's Mouth

by Nan Blackshire-Little

    The Beginning

Today I sat, with pen in hand, counting all my blessings,
big and small. I remember them all....

I remember the beginning and see how far I’ve come.
Writing calms my soul and releases my stress.
This is when I’m at my best.
I praise and thank God for one of the most wonderful gifts
He has given to me and for the opportunity to share
my deepest feelings through my writing.

clear
clear civilwar

From Chan to Chandra

    by Peggy Eaton-Cox

"The more money I made, the more I drank and the more I smoked weed. I was out of control and I did not want to be stopped. I had one girl trying to figure out how I upgraded my car, another girl wondered why I always wore new clothes, and another girl wanted to know why I hung around so many guys. All of a sudden, everyone knew my business. It was time to get out of the projects."
clear
clear civilwar

Four Year Escape Plan
     God, Obama and You - Living In The End Times

    by Lafayette Robinson, Jr.

This is it! God's prophetic timetable of events and Inspired Word are written for this generation within the pages of this book. Understand the tribulation period is not coming, it is here now and will get worse!

Stop being a brainwashed Liberal, Democrat, Republican or whatever you call yourself without some sanity. Politicians are lying to you - things are not as they appear or going to be as they say.

clear


Has America Lost Her Way?

    by Steven Karnes

This book is about America - who and what we are, how we got here, and where we are going. The focus and intent of this book is to get you to think about where our country is headed and where we should turn at the crossroads in front of us. My hope for this book is that you will learn something, get angry, and get involved. Most of all, my hope is that your heart will ache when you realize what we are in danger of losing. clearRead more...

Dr. C. P. Penn
    An Influential African-American Educator

    by Sandra Pierce Mathis, Ed.D.

This study portrays the life of one native Virginian, an African-American educator known by many but virtually unknown on a national scale, who became a powerful influence in the lives of many African-American students for over 30 years. Dr. Clarence Preston Penn, Jr.  played a significant role in the lives of children from the early 1960’s including the period of Massive Resistance in Virginia, until his retirement in 1998.clear
Footsteps Of A Foot Soldier

   by J. Gardner Blount

I was giving a lot of thought to enlisting and getting married, plus things were going along pretty good until I got “THE CALL.” I was drafted. I had to go to Richmond for a physical and before I knew it, I was sworn into the United States Army. The Army told us, that we had ten days to wind up all of our affairs, so I came home and in ten days, I had to quit my job, and tell Bobbie and my family good bye..clear

Been Through the Storms
   by Annie J. Smith

Life is not a bed of roses. It has some thorns and briers, yet we endure and continue striving for success. Dad always reminded us by singing “There’s a Bright Side Somewhere.” There is a bright side to life. Seek it.bright

clear




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