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Divorce vs. Covenant Marriage
by Pastor Julius La Rosa Green

The dedication of this book is addressed to couples worldwide that they may conjointly explore the actual meaning of marriage underneath grace and truth. I pray that God provides a course of action for you who read this book and store the knowledge of it.

Divine Guidance
by Howard Eugene Green

Divine Guidance is a slice of life from my college years at Virginia State. It is a call for direction in decision making.

Reflections of the Soul
by Hazel S. Lewter

Most of these poems were developed from experiences that actually occurred in my life. Every cause and effect that occurred in my life brought about the birth of a poem. I love these poems just as much as I love life.

Beside the Still Waters
by Pearl Reasor

When I get alone with God, in the Psalms, I find myself identifying with many of the desires and expressions of the Psalmist. God has used them in a wonderful way in my life and I return to them day after day.


Flobird - A Bird's Eye View
by Cherie Johnson



God's Making of an Evangelist
by Richard R. Truran

Note that this book wasn’t written to take the place of your Bible! Your Bible is your roadmap to get to Heaven. You will need it! This book, God’s Making Of An Evangelist is the instructor’s manual and the wisdom that you will need along with your Bible to help you get there. I find that so many young Christians and mature Christians just don’t fully understand the Word of God! God knows that we all desperately need a Christian’s Scout Manual. I would consider it both an honor and a privilege by allowing a place for me within your heart to minister to you by the reading of this book.

His Servant, Richard

Jonathan's Legacy
by H. L. "Butch" Kerr


It's Just A Process
by Dr. Bernard Chaney

When you think of process, you think of a series of steps that you have to take before you reach the end or accomplish set goals, basic instructions. If you detour along the way or deviate from the instructions the end result may not be the same. Every short cut is really not a short cut.


My Cup Runneth Over - 366 Devotionals
by Pearl Button Reasor


Tent Revival for Agnostics
by Matthew T. Taylor, Sr.


Your Purpose Is Greater Than You
by Dr. Bernard Chaney


A Wedding Ceremony to Remember
by Marty Younkin

A manual to help you create a unique wedding ceremony.


The Perfect Keystone
by Theron Alexander

There is a void in the life story of Jesus of Nazareth. As a devout follower of Jesus, I am trying to full this void and to point out the mistakes that led to it. Jesus lived in a paternalistic society that refused to give women the benefit of soul.


Psalm 119
by Betty Jo Woodhouse

Developing a true love for scripture requires the habit of spending time with the Father. Devoting at least one hour a day reading scripture empowers me to face the problems and demands of the day. When I awake each morning I thank God for His Word and for being so good to me. I go on to ask for His continuing glorification in my life and in the lives of my family and friends.



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