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Marketing Plan

While your book is being printed, you can start on your marketing campaign!
We will meet with you, either personally or via e-mail, for a strategy session so that when your books are delivered, you are ready to go. This session includes a book signing poster, flyers and a booklet that covers information on

Your Book Marketing Plan
     Who will buy your book?
     What is your definition of success for your book?
     What is your GOAL?
     Create a reasonable timeline and budget
     Creating a brand with your book marketing plan

How to create a presence on the web
     Marketing Through E-Mail, Newsletters and E-zines
     Running an e-mail campaign
     Your own Online Media Room

Press Releases and the Media
     Tailor your release to the intended audience
     Target your pitch
     How to Write a Great Press Release
     Ensure your press release makes the news
     Create a press or media kit
     Contacting the Media

Booksignings and Appearances
     Free Book Publicity - How to find it!
     Promoting your book
     Effective, Innovative, Creative, Ways to Sell More Books!

Getting Your Book onto Bookstore Shelves
     Barnes & Noble
     Borders Group, Inc.
     Local bookstores

Book Fairs and Festivals
     The Library of Congress is just one place to start your search for book fairs and      festivals. You can search listings either alphabetically or by state. Check out the      following link:



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