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The Road Taken - A Memoir of Love and Revolution

by Magdolna Lakatos

Divine Guidance

An Excerpt from Chapter 1

By September, we heard the sound of the mortars from the direction of nearby Romania. Russian troops were getting closer to the Hungarian border. We children constructed a shelter out of sticks and branches over a ditch in case of “air attack,” as it was said. Gradually everyone fell into the grips of fear over the approaching danger. Something terrible was coming, we felt. That fall I did not return to middle school. My mother took all three of us to Oláhszentmiklós. There we could continue playing. Since we did not go to school, all our time was spare time.

     The mortar rounds fired by the approaching Russian army grew louder and louder, and the village’s Hungarian minority—mainly under the pressure of the hostile Romanian majority—opted to move westward into Hungarian territory which made the Romanians more than happy.One day a horse-drawn peasant carriage stopped in front of our house, a Romanian driver at the reins. Mother put us kids up on the carriage, then brought a few suitcases out of the house and arranged them in the bottom. We also took along two thick comforters, one of which we used to cover the luggage, while the other one was to allow us to tuck ourselves in. We children wasted no time climbing underneath. We headed off, and soon our carriage was but one of many in a caravan that now set on its way, carrying the Hungarians of Oláhszentmiklós.     

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