Maximilian Press Publishers (MPP) is an independent publishing house and book manufacturing company that provides complete author support. We are not a print-on-demand company, but a full service publishing house. Our purpose is to help you get published and to profit from the sales of your book.


  • Professional manuscript editing,
  • Attractive layout and formatting of  interior of your book
  • Placement of images inside the book, 
  • ISBN number assignment and registration
  • Author copyright
  • Your own unique barcode creation
  • Original cover design, working with your ideas as well as our design team concepts



Once we have received and replied to your quote request we will make arrangements for a consultation. This is a time for you to show us your work or ask any question about things you don't understand or that need clarifying. If you live in our area, we will set a time and date to meet with you.

If you live out of the area we can have either a phone or online consultation, whichever is best for you.